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Real Estate App Development Company

Manage, automate, and grow your real-estate offerings globally with a powerful and scalable app platform.

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The Right Platform For

Your Real Estate Business

Customer experience is pivotal for business growth. Give your customers a great experience of performing complex tasks like buying, selling, renting and leasing of properties with greater ease via your real estate mobile application. A high-end real estate app can help assist sellers and agents in offering end-to-end convenience. We provide tailored solutions for real estate agents & developers and rental agencies that help them enhance their business operational efficiency and their user experience.

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Benefits Of An

Advanced Real Estate App

Our real estate app development solutions help your customers buy, sell, and rent properties seamlessly.

Increased user engagement

The app engages customers around the globe with updated information on properties. The platform not only provides them with the right access to property solutions but also keeps them engaged while ensuring higher conversions.

Geolocation offering

The geolocation offering helps customers find the right property and amenities nearby. The feature allows users to search for a house to buy or lease and helps them make better decisions.

Better property viewing

Integrating AR and VR technology with the mobile application, you can now deliver amazing experience of property viewing to your customers. This feature increases the probability of customers closing on property deals quickly.

Reliable marketing channel

The app offers a direct marketing channel for businesses with features such as automated email, live-chat, push notifications, in-app messaging and calling and much more.

Brand distinctness

The customised mobile application helps real-estate developers to increase their brand visibility among users. They can showcase their presence in the application which includes their project details, price, contact information, previously delivered work, and much more.

Improved coordination

Our real-estate application can help improve the coordination between developers and agents by streamlining a lot of processes. This will ensure higher leads and successful conversions.

We Got Your Business

Covered For All Stakeholders

Real estate organization With our Real Estate Mobile Application, we offer a reliable platform for real estate organisations that are looking to sell or lease their properties. The mobile application will showcase their buyers or renters profiles, their background information, credit check, license and other details.

Real estate aggregators Our mobile development solutions make it effortless to integrate the mobile app with your new/existing website. We offer various services such as property listing, submission, image & video upload of the property, multi-payment integration etc.

Real estate buyers We understand the expectations of the end-users and develop the application that gives them great user-experience.


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Social media login

Users can register in the app with their email & phone number or directly login via social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and others.

3D property view

For unmatched user experience, the feature showcases the exterior and interior of the property in 3D, furnishing better clarity to buyers.

Search & filter

The powerful search lets users find the property as per their requirements. To further enhance search results, the user can activate filters.

Property listing

Real estate companies, property owners, and agents can list properties in the platform under categories such as flat for sale/rent, villa for sale/rent and others.


Users can pay a monthly or annual subscription fees for priority listing of their properties, access to exclusive real estate offerings (buy/sell), and much more.

Mark favorite

Customers looking to buy or rent properties can view and mark them as favorite. The feature lets them search for the same property at a later time.

Number of views

The admin and real-estate seller or lessor can check the number of views their property has garnered post getting listed on the app.


Users looking to buy or rent a property can search for its location using the advanced map integrated into the application.

Manage agents

With the well-crafted admin panel, manage agents registered in your application, Track their property listings, check the listing views and others.

Property details

Users can view end-to-end details on properties such as the number of rooms in a flat, the size of the land, nearest landmark, and more.

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Updates users with the latest information via push notifications, SMS, email, and others.

Agent/broker appointment

Users looking to discuss further with agents/brokers of a dedicated real-estate can schedule an appointment with them via the app.

Contact seller/buyer

The app lets users get in touch with the seller/buyers directly via in-app messaging feature.

Manage earnings

The admin can monitor and manage the agent earnings, subscriptions, ad-revenues, and other sources seamlessly.

Similar property suggestions

Based on users requirements, the app will suggest numerous properties that match the search results.

Dedicated tabs

For added convenience, each tab offers properties available for sale, rent, lease, and others to match user requirements.

Ad integration

The reliable revenue source allows the showcasing of ads on the app. The ad spaces strategically placed on the platform for maximum viewership.

Rate & review property

Users can rate & review real-estates based on their experience with regards to the property, the facilities, neighborhood, and other factors.

In-app calling

Users looking to buy or sell their property can communicate with the concerned users via the in-app calling feature.


The admin can download complete reports on platforms functioning, user traffic, total earnings, and others. Real-estate companies and agents can download reports with regards to their listing.

real estate app development company
Rate agent/broker

Buyers or rentee can rate the agents or brokers based on their experience via the app with ease.

Manage project

The real-estate company, agent, or broker can manage their property listings such as updating the price, time of delivery, and other details hassle-free.

Booking property

Buyers can book real-estate properties such as flat, villa, independent house, and others through the application glitch-free.

Manage Leads

Admins can update leads on the latest offers on the property they have shown an interest in, suggest similar offerings and much more via notifications.

Live Chat

Users looking to purchase, sell, or rent properties can chat with the concerned seller, buyer, agent, or broker in real-time.

Manage vendor

The admin can monitor and manage real-estate vendors, including their registration, their earnings, and others via the cutting-edge panel.

CRM integration

A sales-oriented feature, admin can gather & manage buyer/customer/user information, property views, favorites, and others to increase conversions.

News & blogs

Update users with the latest news on real-estate and upload custom blogs to increase platform traffic.

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