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Online Movie Ticket Booking Apps are gaining a lot of traction in the entertainment industry. If you are looking to start your own business with an online movie ticket booking app, then there is no better time than now!

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Movie Ticket Booking App Development
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Easily Book Movie Tickets

Using the Online Movie Ticket Booking app we design, users can easily check out the nearest theatres, movie timings, reviews etc, book the tickets, choose their preferred seats and get great discounts on them too.

Online Movie Ticket Booking App Development Company

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Innovative App Features

  • Popular city listing
  • Find theaters & shows efficiently
  • Efficient search of theaters & shows
  • Easy ticket & seat booking
  • Checking available seats
  • Filter options for booking
  • Pre-book food and beverages
  • Efficient search of theaters & shows
  • In-app chatting feature
  • Mini maps showing premise of theater
  • Coupons & deals
  • Earn money on referrals
  • Razor payment
  • Booking history
  • Theater management
  • Daily collection update
  • Problem Faced

    Booking a ticket at the theatre counter is not preferred by most people as it is tiring and time-consuming. It also requires us to be there early to check the list of movies screening in the theatre, to check for seat availability and to get the seats of our preference. If we don’t like the movies being played in that particular theatre or do not get the seats of our choice, we don’t have another option but to go to another theatre to try our luck.

    Proposed Solution

    Our application is the solution for all the problems faced in the process of booking tickets for a movie. Users can check the list of theatres near them, the movies screening in those theatres, movie timings and the availability of seats. They can easily book the tickets for the movie of their choice and make the payment online. This eliminates the need to stand in a queue to book the tickets.

    Design Tools

    Screen Visual / UI

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    Ticket Booking App like This?

    Cinemagola is doing well not just in its local city but in three states around, and they are thinking to expand the operation to the whole country. Online ticket booking apps are doing good business in all the biggest app market like Google Play Store and Apple App Store. If you are thinking about making a plunge into this business, then we are behind you as your technology partner.

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