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What is Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)?

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an open-source project by Google and Twitter that helps business owners to get faster, high-performing web pages, with increased mobile visibility and improved SEO.It's an HTML page that is super lightweight and loads instantly on mobile devices across different platforms. It enables the creation of websites with the power of ‘Google Mobile First Indexing’,which means it improves website performance for mobile users and provides them smooth browsing experience.

“Fast-loading mobile pages + mobile optimized content = Better user experience.”

About 40% of users abandon a website if it takes more than 2 seconds to load. By implementing AMP in your website, you can improve mobile search engine rankings, provide mobile optimized content, and increase engagement and conversion rate. At Colour Moon, we are here to help you achieve higher ROI with our AMP development services.We build AMP-enabled websites like nobody else. But let’s first understand how AMP works?

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Services From Colour Moon Technologies

At Colour Moon, we help deliver the most flawlessly developed Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) that help businesses provide amazing mobile versions of their websites that is accessible irrespective of the mobile OS or form factor. As Google certified partner, we are at the helm of technological innovation in the mobility sector. With cutting-edge knowledge in latest tools and Google’s AMP technology, we can provide you:

AMP Strategy

We offer AMP consulting services to help businesses understand the benefits of AMP. Our unique strategy helps us create customized AMP solutions that are highly adaptive and scalable across all mobile devices.

AMP Design

We have highly talented and experienced developers who know the ins and outs of AMP. They design your pages in a way that requires minimal coding but offers optimal experience to the mobile users for better conversions.

AMP Development

We are obsessed with quality. Our AMP codes are well-formatted, lightweight, and easy to maintain.Being the best AMP development company in India, we are adept at delivering efficiently coded and developed mobile pages.

AMP for WordPress

We can help you install and configure AMP plugins for WordPress to automatically add AMP features to your existing website. These plugins load your site faster in mobile devices with customized design layout and optimized content.

AMP for eCommerce

Whether you own a Shopify or Magento eCommerce store, we can optimize it with our AMP for eCommerce solutions. AMP will result in faster loading and increased customer engagement through higher purchase flows.

AMP Support

We provide a reliable and fast support, with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Our expert AMP developers provide simple but powerful AMP services post launch to ensure maximum return-on- investment.

Features of Accelerated Mobile Pages

The goal of implementing AMP is to deliver the best possible mobile experience to its users, no matter what type of mobile phone, tablet or mobile device they are using. Users want rich content such as videos, audios, animations, graphics and ads to load instantaneously, they don’t want to wait to read or see something. Here are the features that make AMP to load faster:

  • Pre-connect APIs – To ensure the fastest version of pages, AMP websites need pre- connect APIs which process all HTTPS requests quickly.
  • Inline style sheets – AMP uses the inline style sheets. There is a maximum of 50 kilobytes of inline CSS to make custom font loading efficient. You can't reference external stylesheets.
  • Pre-rendering – AMP allows developers to create readily available and reliable pre- render resource. These pre-renderings make the pages load extremely fast before the user could navigate the entire page.
  • Extended Components – Multimedia is handled differently in AMP. Images need to utilize the custom amp-img element while animated GIFs use the separate amp anim extended component. Social media has its own extended components.
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