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Marketing Agency For Startups

Startups, unlike the established organizations, have unique requirements when it comes to marketing their products and/or services. As a newly launched company in the market, making an identity for their brand is a challenge. At Colour Moon Technologies, our marketing experts have the experience of working with startups and building marketing strategies that focus on a scalable customer acquisition process.

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Small Business Marketing Services

Every marketing strategy we come up with is carefully tailored to establish the startup’s brand image and meet the business goals. We ensure that the end result of the marketing initiative is achieved and the business starts scaling up quickly.

Here’s what we provide startups with, to help them see quick business growth:

Design & Content Creation

Corporate ID, website, illustration, sales collateral, brochures, eNewsletters.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO auditing, site optimization, analysis and reporting, PPC advertising.

Conversion Rate Optimization

User Experience (UX) improvement, A/B Testing, analysis, and reporting.

Social Media Marketing

Content strategy, content creation, audience engagement, monitoring.

Marketing Communications

Copywriting, blogging, public relations, content translation.

Lead Generation / Nurturing

Landing pages, mobile messaging, email and direct mail, content marketing.

digital marketing agency for small business
A Different Kind Of Business

Needs A Different Kind Of Marketing

Engage your customers, energize your staff – and increase your revenue

Marketing is all about being out there and proving how you are different from others like you. It is about finding your right audience and telling them why they need to choose you over others.

We enjoy working with emerging startups and small businesses that are building their presence and their marketing strategies to create brand identity and awareness. We are here to help you face the challenges and build a brand and customer base that can increase your sales.

What's Your Marketing Problem?

Finding New Customers

Knowing your audience and finding your customers is not a cakewalk. But with the right strategy and data, you can target your audience better and get more qualified leads. Our team of marketing experts identify issues and propose a marketing strategy to resolve them. We work on your content and optimize it for search engines. We take care of all your marketing and sale material designing, improving the website SEO, manage your social media profiles and advertising, email marketing and video content as well.

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Increasing Website Traffic

Generating a lot of traffic is not our end goal, but it is to generate relevant traffic. But how do you go about that?

We optimize your website to deliver speed, performance and compatibility with various devices. We work around your existing content to drive website traffic and reduce bounce rate.

With content marketing, advertising, influence marketing and backlinks, we can help you generate more leads and obtain great results.

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Building Trust & Credibility

Gaining your customers’ trust is difficult but not impossible. The message your brand delivers to your audience is what turns them into your customers by gaining their trust. So it is important to deliver your company’s principles while promoting your business. The value you promise to deliver will connect them to your products.

We work with you to understand and design your marketing material to put forward these principles and aspects that create credibility and win your customers’ trust.

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